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In this learning pathway on Leadership and Management, we will look at 20 topics over 20 hours, via a range of different learning materials.

What do I do?

The learning pathway has been curated by subject matter experts to develop your knowledge and understanding hour by hour. So we recommend that you start at hour 1 and work through the topics in order, finishing at hour 20.

This process should take you about 20 hours to complete. You will be joined by other accounting and finance professionals who will work through the same curriculum as you, but at different times.


Learning materials

Each hour presents a different topic, via a range of learning materials. You will spend time exploring the topic using these resources.


CPD reflection

You will then complete your hour of CPD by adding notes to your personal CPD reflection for that topic.

Your CPD certificate will gradually build up to a 20 hour certificate as you progress through the learning pathway. You can view that at any time in the completion area.

Your learning should take about an hour per topic, but there is nothing to stop you spending longer if you find that useful.

You will not always have time to work through all the learning materials for a topic, so you will have to make decisions about what is most relevant to you.

You can navigate using the menu grid on the right. Get started now at hour 1, or if this is not your first visit you can jump straight back to where you were at the end of your last session.